TMT bars from Tube Investments of India Ltd.

Founded in 1900, the INR 329 Billion Murugappa Group is one of India’s leading business conglomerates. The Group has 28 businesses including nine listed Companies traded on NSE & BSE.The group is a market leader in all its served segments including Abrasives, Auto Components, Transmission systems, Cycles, Sugar, Farm Inputs, Fertilizer, Plantations, Bioproducts and Nutraceuticals.


Renowned brands like BSA, Hercules, Ballmaster, Ajax, Parry’s, Chola, Gromor, Shanthi Gears and Paramfos are from the Murugappa stable. The Group fosters an environment of professionalism and has a workforce of over 32,000 employees. 


TII is a INR 4800 Cr Murugappa group company with a 70 year history of steel processing and forming. TII is known for its understanding of quality, technology, material properties and product performance in various steel products in the market, being a leader in precision tubes, cycles, metal formed products, automotive and industrial chains and gears. 


TII now brings you TI Macho brand TMT bars with improved material and mechanical properties through unique processing technology.


TI MACHO has an optimum microstructure where hard martensite forms the case and soft ferrite and tough pearlite forms the core, which delivers good combination of strength and ductility in the TI Macho TMT rebar.



  • Fine Grain
  • Higher Strength
  • Higher Ductility
  • High Shock Resistance
  • Higher Workability

TII – The Unbeatable Rebar

Re-Inventing the TMT Process The unique quenching process developed by intensive R&D effort by the Corporate Technology Center leverages the maximum possible heat transfer rates possible in steel to produce repeatable micro structural quality, with excellent mechanical properties delivering high performance and comfortably exceeds product standards. TI MACHO TMT bars have been benchmarked with best performing premium priced TMT bars in the industry.

TII Technology

High performance TMT bars from the house of TI, a Murugappa group company, are manufactured through an unique in-line quenching process post hot rolling. This results in an optimized strength, ductility, toughness and durability comparable to the best in the industry.

The unique quenching process has been developed through intensive R&D at the Corporate Technology Center of TII. Thermo mechanical behavior of steel is leveraged to the fullest and it induces the best possible mechanical properties into the steel, in a way that the process is fully governed by the completely invariant thermal properties of steel.

The resultant product is a highly reliable, high performing, TMT bar with a clear edge over competition.

  • Uniform martensite formation leading to better straightness
  • Favorable residual stress developed on the surface for better fatigue life
  • Thermal conductivity being a material property, lends very high reliability to the process – dependable, high quality high strength steel every time within a very narrow band of the mechanical property
  • Chemical composition, Workability, Weldability and Corrosion resistance are benchmarked with the best in class

TI Macho 500 D TMT

Chemical properties IS spec Fe 500D TI MACHO 500 D*
Carbon 0.25% 0.22%
Sulphur 0.04% 0.04%
Phosphorus 0.04% 0.03%
S+P 0.075% 0.07%
Mechanical properties IS 1786 500 D TI MACHO 500 D*
Yield Stress (YS)- N/mm2 500 540
Ultimate Tensile Stress (UTS)- N/mm2 565 640
% Elongation 16 18
TS/ YS Ratio ≥1.10 ≥1.12

Chemical Properties

  • TI MACHO TMT Bars Carbon percentage is controlled within closed tolerances to insure High Ductility and Workability of steel.
  • The overall Carbon equivalent CE is also tightly controlled to deliver an optimal combination of Hardness, Strength, Elongation and Weldability.
  • Not more than 0.53 when micro alloying elements are used.
  • Not more than 0.42 when micro alloying elements are not used.

TI Macho 550 D TMT

Mechanical Properties

  • TI MACHO TMT bar combines High yield strength, High tensile strength and High elongation properties to deliver an unbeatable value proposition in structural steel.
  • This value proposition has been developed through intensive R&D effort, which led in turn to a unique and computationally validated quenching process, relatively unaffected by process variations.
  • TI MACHO TMT bars which undergo this intensive treatment develop a repeatable, reliable and optimized micro structure in cross section, leading to excellent mechanical properties.
  • TI MACHO TMT bars of diameter higher than 20mm have minor additions in percentages of other elements that influence carbon equivalent, promoting hardenability to help develop higher strength.
Chemical properties IS spec Fe 550D TI MACHO 550 D*
Carbon 0.25% 0.25%
Sulphur 0.04% 0.04%
Phosphorus 0.04% 0.03%
S+P 0.075% 0.07%
Mechanical properties IS 1786 550 D TI MACHO 550 D*
Yield Stress (YS)- N/mm2 550 570
Ultimate Tensile Stress (UTS)- N/mm2 600 671
% Elongation 14.5 16
TS/ YS Ratio ≥1.08 ≥1.1

Research and Development

TII’s pursuit of Engineering Excellence has always been backed by robust R&D initiatives. The trigger for many of these initiatives has been proactive interactions with customers. Over the decades, many new products and processes have evolved from this. Synergising the initiatives across various divisions, three subdivisions namely, Product and Process Engineering, Testing and Research were established with Scientists, Engineers and Technicians.


Corporate technology center works on business-driven R&D projects with specific focus in “metal forming”, “thermal processing” technologies and the “engineering design” oriented towards products and process simulation and analysis.


The global trend is shifting from product manufacturing and testing of parts for validation, to computerized design, simulation, prototyping and performance testing.


The state-of-the-art computing facilities in the center enable the organization to do virtual simulation and prototyping of new products. Also, these facilities are oriented towards process simulation to facilitate improved process control in manufacturing. The outcome of engineering design analysis is validated through the use of experimental techniques. These include strain gauging and fringe pattern analysis.


Virtual prototyping also assists in the design of robust manufacturing processes and in rapid tool development. TII continuously works with reputed Computer-Aided Engineering (CAE) companies to benchmark its solutions.

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