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550 D TMT

Mechanical Properties

  • TI MACHO TMT bar combines High yield strength, High tensile strength and High elongation properties to deliver an unbeatable value proposition in structural steel.
  • This value proposition has been developed through intensive R&D effort, which led in turn to a unique and computationally validated quenching process, relatively unaffected by process variations.
  • TI MACHO TMT bars which undergo this intensive treatment develop a repeatable, reliable and optimized micro structure in cross section, leading to excellent mechanical properties.

Chemical Properties

  • TI MACHO TMT Bars Carbon percentage is controlled within closed tolerances to insure High Ductility and Workability of steel.
  • The overall Carbon equivalent CE is also tightly controlled to deliver an optimal combination of Hardness, Strength, Elongation and Weldability.
  • Not more than 0.53 when micro alloying elements are used.
  • Not more than 0.42 when micro alloying elements are not used.
Chemical Properties IS Spec Fe 550D (Max) TI MACHO 550 D*
Carbon 0.25% 0.25%
Sulphur 0.04% 0.03%
Phosphorus 0.04% 0.03%
S+P 0.075% 0.06%
Mechanical Properties IS 1786 550 D (Min) TI MACHO 550 D*
YS – N/mm2 550 570
UTS – N/mm2 600 671
% Elongation 14.5 16
TS/ YS Ratio ≥1.08 ≥1.1
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