Corporate Technology Center

TII’s pursuit of Engineering Excellence has always been backed by robust R&D initiatives. The trigger for many of these initiatives has been proactive interactions with customers. Over the decades, many new products and processes have evolved from this. Synergising the initiatives across various divisions, three subdivisions namely, Product and Process Engineering, Testing and Research were established with Scientists, Engineers and Technicians.

Corporate technology center works on business-driven R&D projects with specific focus in “metal forming”, “thermal processing” technologies and the “engineering design” oriented towards products and process simulation and analysis.

The global trend is shifting from product manufacturing and testing of parts for validation, to computerized design, simulation, prototyping and performance testing.

The state-of-the-art computing facilities in the center enable the organization to do virtual simulation and prototyping of new products. Also, these facilities are oriented towards process simulation to facilitate improved process control in manufacturing. The outcome of engineering design analysis is validated through the use of experimental techniques. These include strain gauging and fringe pattern analysis.

Virtual prototyping also assists in the design of robust manufacturing processes and in rapid tool development. TII continuously works with reputed Computer-Aided Engineering (CAE) companies to benchmark its solutions.

TII is a pioneer today in innovating & engineering products for the future with proven expertise in:

3D CAD modeling – Products and Assembly
Numerical Modeling – Product and Process using FEA
Process Optimisation – Design of Experiments (DoE)
Prototyping - Products & Processes
Testing – Mechanical, Endurance, Corrosion and High Strain Rate testing
Investigation – Optical (Micro & Macro structure), Scanning electron microscope, Micro hardness and Dye Penetrant test.


TII Technology

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Re-defining the TMT Process; The unique patent quenching process developed by intensive R&D effort by the Corporate Technology Center leverages the maximum possible heat transfer rates possible in steel to produce repeatable micro structural quality, with excellent mechanical properties delivering high performance and comfortably exceeds product standards. TI MACHO TMT bars have been benchmarked with best performing premium priced TMT bars in the industry.

A unique patent technology developed by TI's team of Researchers at its Corporate Technology Center.

The unique patent quenching process leverages the maximum possible heat transfer rates to produce consistent and uniform micro structural quality steel with excellent mechanical properties. High performance steel that exceeds international standards


Soft ferrite & tough pearlite in the core to deliver better ductility & toughness TI MACHO has the right combination of microstructure in case and core which delivers the strength and ductility in the TMT rebar.

Testing Methods

  1. Chemical Composition
  2. Tensile Testing
  3. Microstructural Analysis
  4. Macro Analysis
  5. Pull Out Test
  6. Bend & Rebend Test

Chemical Composition

Standard ASTM E415
Through this test, Chemical composition of TMT bars is checked using the Optical Emission Spectrometer, to analyze the % of chemical elements present in the TMT bars in comparison to the standard 1786:2008.

Ultimate Tensile Strength Test

Standard ASTM E8 / IS 1608 (2005)
Universal testing machine is used to conduct this test on TMT bars. This test is used for inspecting the minimum required yield strength and % elongation as per standard IS 1786:2008 with respect to the TMT grade.

Microstructural Analysis

Standard ASTM E 117
This test is used to analyze the formation of tempered martensite and ferritic - pearlite microstructure.

Macro Analysis

This test is conducted to analyze the case to core ratio to conforming our TI standards to get the optimum yield strength and % elongation

Pull Out Test

Standard IS 1786:2008
This test is used to analyze the bonding strength between reinforcement and concrete, by making a square shape mould reinforced with TMT bar and after 28 days of curing, tensile load is given on the bar which gives load to slip at 0.025mm / 0.25mm, and will be compared with plain bars.

Bend and Rebend Test

Standard IS 1786:2008
This test is used to analyze the bending property of the TMT bar, to check the ability of the bars bendability without cracking.

The “Murugappa Way” embodies the groups business ethics and value system through the Guiding philosophy of Arthashastra, which enables the group to approach every transaction, strategy and business decision to attain a win – win scenario. An excerpt from the Arthashastra states “The fundamental principle of economic activity is that – if no man you transact with, will loose, then you shall not loose either”
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